Mario De Micheli

The manner in which she composes her works is amazing: upon the painting, she settles a kind of forced geometry that modifies the atmospheres, the rooms, the gardens, the palaces. The night and the day, the light and the dark, fill every detail with a particular sense of conviction. This is the way in which her suggestion works; a suggestion that, in all the cases, only depends on the seduction of painting.

When we look to her paintings, we can see a steering cadence. Andrea conceives her paintings with a rhythm that creates, in the circumstances of every situation, a formal rigor that allows her to exclude the arbitrary as well as the merely decorative function. In her images, in her way to behave, there is always an obvious expressive intent; this is the point where her qualities appear; however, neither the representation of the reality nor the most intimate poetic truth suffer from this.

Her talent lies in this: to give an authentic physiognomy to the lyrical feelings that live in her inspiration.


Mario De Micheli.
Translated from the catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition: "Paintings", El Caballo Verde Gallery, Concepción, 1996, and the exhibition: "Interni", Antonia Jannone Gallery, Milan, 2002.