Armando Alvarez Bravo

From the outset of her career, and beyond mastery of technique and the certainty that painting must be, essentially, painting, Carreño has succeeded in tenaciously treading her own path. And that course is focused on the plastic discourse of her interiors.

(...) The new interiors are inhabitable and fantastic: They cannot be situated in space, and perhaps they also attempt to evade the subjection to time, establishing a fortuitous play of things and architectonic and symbolic details. We are faced with an unreality that persistently convenes us from the canvases, urging us to settle in their space. It does so through it unusual character, through a singular and unexplainable interpretation of beauty, and through an immense silence.

(...) In certain sectors of the canvas, the artist outlines details by means of drawing, but she deliberately leaves them unfinished. This results in a kind of game that enables us to take possession of the whole if we complete them without the artist's intervention.


Armando Alvarez Bravo
Extract of the article: "Carreño, her ideal interiors", published in review Arte al día, Buenos Aires - Miami, October 2000.