Armando Alvarez Bravo

In the copious and varied register of the actual Latin American plastics, the young Chilean painter Andrea Carreño is a protagonist of this defining process.

(...) Carreño is someone we could describe as an intimate painter. The spirit of her figuration is based on her will to truly shape the data of the immediate. But her planes are offered to us as a threshold to the other side of things. This is this vibration that give us a new possibility for the understanding of the familiar.

(...) Her capacity to create atmospheres full of evidence and magic, recalls the desire of harmony. Her paintings, made of copious intimacy, of dream and of suspended time, rule over something more than the everyday life, upon which they are settled with delicate imagination. This "something more" is endless.


Armando Alvarez Bravo
Translated from the paper: "Andrea Carreño, something more than the everyday life", published in the supplement: "Books and Arts" of the newspaper El Nuevo Herald, Miami, June 30th 2002.