Alberto Agazzani

(...) This is the way in which the writer, immersed in the stimulus liberated by Carreño, in a loneliness turned noisy and fertile, found out new and deeper sensations, a mix of restlessness and dissatisfaction, that required an external intervention in order to turn into intuitions. This is the way in which, like an Hercules lost in space or like an deus-ex-machina lost in time, a solution comes out, with a totally wild approach, therefore, totally free of any intellectual, historical, critical stipulations.

(...) Carreño, in an exemplary manner, inserts herself in this context, perhaps because she inherits a visual culture and, more than that, a power of attraction and an absolute originality (Latin American, Caribbean, European) filled with a whole range of - how could I say that? - absolutely happy reexpeditions. But, overall, with this spirit, at the same time wild and kind, with this suspended and "domestic" atmospheres, as I could define it, a little sunny, a little peaceful, yet filled with memories, emotions, suggestions, and, above all, with life. Reality and dream jumble, time and space suspend; then, what comes out is a superhuman, visionary, dizzy dimension; but this is a dizziness made of poetic and peaceful angry; we think about Borges...


Alberto Agazzani.
Translated from the catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition: "Habitaciones", Antonia Jannone Gallery, Milan, 2002.