Carlos Navarrete

As I remember, her studio at Milan was dwell by many objects that she had recollected as a testimony of her peregrinations.

(...) A phrase of the poet Diego Maquieira -"We lived in the curvature of the boundaries" - passed through my mind almost in an unperceivable way, and set me back in the time and space of those paintings. (...) Andrea's paintings were part of an intimate diary, where the life experiences were translated into pictorial images and her studio was no other than a large laboratory that allows her to work the stories of her journeys.

(...) In these new series of paintings and drawings, Andrea was exploring the aesthetic of "collage", to give us images made from the accumulation of visual fragments, which are translations of the journeys and memories as a sensitive expression.

(...) In a conscious way, the artist always manages to invert the time production as a sign of the recovered memory, most of the time condensed in the luminous intensity of the pictorial space.


Carlos Navarrete
Santiago de Chile, June 2004
Extract of the catalogue published for the exhibition "Visible Time", Artespacio Gallery, Santiago, 2004.